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Haim Steinbach, Onestar assisted
Published 2007

Approx. 150 x 90 cm
Ready made bottle racks and galvanized metal,
8 copies + 2 artist’s proofs accompanied by a certificate signed and numbered by the artist.

Haim Steinbach is a man of many shelves as well as one of the first artists to work with onestar press, so it was natural for him to design a display unit for us. Still, we couldn’t be more delighted or surprised by the result - Haim’s always pitch-perfect sensibility has taken the universal Duchampian aesthetic to a whole new level. All of Haim’s preoccupations with framing, juxtaposition, history and our perception of time are brought to bear here in a way that fires up the brain cells while giving a good retinal twist to one of the 20th century’s greatest art icons. So wrap your mind and eyes around Haim Steinbach’s shelf piece for onestar press. What artist’s book collection wouldn’t be honored to become a Steinbachian object?